Get "IN"Volved Today! 
Our goal is to provide you with ways to connect each month with the Central Indiana community through volunteer opportunities.
We'll highlight a few needs on this page, but you can always
search for more based on your passion or schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, proof of vaccination (at least one shot) is required, as is wearing masks (we can provide free).  Every Thursday, we have a shoe sorting opportunity, open to the general public, in our 3000 sq ft basement room at 10291 N. Meridian.  That room has medical-grade air filtration and we have great social distancing with only 25 people in a 3000 sf room.  This opportunity is open to anyone 5 yrs - 100 yrs old (seating available).  You sort shoes, pair them up with their mate, and categorize them. 

Eventually, they end up in the hands of non-profits here in
our own city, such as Dress for Success, Wheeler Mission, IPS, and many more.  And they DON'T end up in the landfill.  Also, if you have a larger group, call me and we can chat about different timing or a different day or whatever it takes to make it happen!! More info available from Bob Broughton or 317-727-4186. Sign up today to volunteer!

EDGE 21 success coaches embolden the character of students and 21st Century Scholars through mentoring, counseling, and growing spiritually. As a success coach, you are expected to facilitate weekly meetings with a group of high school students and build meaningful relationships with them by sharing authentic experiences. Sign up today with EDGE 21! 


We are looking for volunteers who are willing and able to connect with a high school scholar for at least 2 hours a month for a school year (9 months). We believe that mentoring is an important indicator of success for a high school student. Join in and learn what it means to help change a life with DREAM Alive. 

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Mentorship allows a personal portal to a life likely different than yours, exposing you to life experience and diversity
quite different than your own. An opportunity for a greater understanding and empathy, while giving back and building up our community from the inside. This relationship builds skills in active listening, engagement, managing differences in opinion, boundaries, and the necessity of self-care. 
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Please contact the Volunteer Engagement team for additional information about a specific project
or other ways to engage with United Way of Central Indiana.